Jan 1, 2011

4 Crochet Tools You Will Love

Makeup bag  
This is the number one item you need to get organized! 
This will hold all your crochet hooks, crochet markers, crochet counter, scissors, and crochet needles!  All in one place - and never misplaced!  Your scissors no matter how sharp will not poke through.  So go find a cute make-up bag - easy!
(There are roll out holders for only your hooks, but I like it all in a little bag !)

Zip Lock Bags
Did you know you can't crochet without a ziplock bag? 
Gallon sized bags are the best!  As you are working on a project, the skein you are using should be stored in a zip lock bag.  This keeps it clean(not on  the floor picking up lint and junk) and it unravels easily in the plastic, and while you are not crocheting you can also tuck the project inside this bag with the hook and stitch counter(see what this is in tip #3).  If you have a larger project simply grab another bag to store your current crocheting in. 
ALSO - this is how I store all my yarn long termEach skein gets its own bag.  This way they stay clean and also stay with their label so that I know in the future what brand it was and if it is wool, acrylic, cotton, etc.

Stitch Counter

At the family reunion this summer my sister was working on some knitting when I noticed her clicking a little red box.  She explained it kept track for her of where she was in a project!  I was so excited!  I had been making little check marks all over all my patterns and this was the answer (who cares if it's a knitting tool)!  I have been using it for 5 months now and I can't live without it!  It is only a few bucks, but makes counting rows sooooooooooo simple.  When I come back to a project I know EXACTLY which row I am on!  Look in the knitting and crochet isle at the store - you'll find it!

Stitch Markers

I have worked on lots of projects where I am going round and round and keeping track of where one row starts and the next should start gets confusing.  THUS I found these nifty little plastic rings I loop into my stitch and they hold the place easily until I'm done and then it slips out!!!  They are only a few dollars and well worth it!!  BE SURE when you purchase them that they have an opening in the ring - some are completely closed and do not work with crocheting!


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