Dec 28, 2010

Reading the Entire Book of Mormon

In 2011 the Primary theme is Scriptures.  Thus my children's Primary Leaders have challenged them to read the entire Book of Mormon with their family by October (2 pages a day).  In order to do this our family came up with this motivating system
and thought we would share:).

After reading each book we Celebrate! 
We planned a different activity or treat to enjoy after each book is finished.  For example - after reading 1 Nephi my boys are excited to go to an archery shooting range to practice as Nephi did, after Enos we are having a late night with games and treats - since Enos prayed all day & night, after Ether we will get Butterfinger Candy bars since the brother of Jared saw the finger of the Lord, and so on.
   Basically Celebrating the entire way through!
We are using the bookmark below in our Book of Mormons to remind us of our Goal!  Here we go!

Reading the Entire Book of Mormon

Print on cardstock, laminate and punch a hole at the top to string a ribbon through! 
Use these to keep your place in your Book of Mormon!


Windy said...

Love this idea!!! The stake challenge is also for the youth going on trek to read before trek...the end of JUNE...I love this idea of celebrating small milestones along the way!!! I am soooooo doing this!!! I am so lucky to have such a creative friend!!!!

Lin said...

Valerie, I just found your are amazing!

Amy G said...

I love this idea, but we have been modifying it a little!

This is what we did for 1st Nephi! Thanks for the inspiration!