Mar 24, 2020

War of Words and Tumult of Opinions

Corona virus has us all confused - 
schools closed, jobs, hand washing, social distancing - what is too much?  
Is it even helping?  Is it really needed?  
I love this scripture - and especially the answer:
James 1:5  "Ask Of God"  there is peace and direction.

Feb 26, 2020

The Heavens are Open by Wendy W Nelson

5 stars!
I first had a subscription to Deseret book Audio books and listened to this book.  Immediately I was drawn in - and easily finished it.  
How much did I enjoy it?  Well, I've now bought the book and shared it with several friends. It's short, full of stories and left me changed - left me thinking and doing things a little bit different - better.
She has such a wonderful way of just "talking" to you.  She is humble, yet strong in her speech.  She is truly amazing and I learned so much!  
One of my favorite Chapters was 8.  Below is a quote from that chapter.  

Feb 25, 2020


it's all free

I plan to do this with my family and the sisters I minister to, and a close friend or two:)
Simply stop by their homes each Sunday or Monday for the next 5 weeks 
and drop off a little something that goes with the FIRST VISION.  
Here are some ideas I had:
  • Make Heart Shaped SUGAR COOKIES with the QUOTE CARD:
  • Eye Spy GAME:  Make these easy Golden Plates (one for each member of their family) they can play the game and have a little set of plates to keep)  these are made with FIMO clay - no kneading required - I simply cut the square in 4, then trimed each square to a rectangle and used the trimmed off edge as the binding for the book.  Now take a sharp knife, press pages indents on the side, squiggles on the top - and bake 20 min.!!!  DONE!! - FAST< EASY!!
  • With the Golden Plates you could leave this QUOTE CARD
  • Copy a few First Vision ARTICLES or STORIES from February and March New Era's and Ensigns - they are pack full of good ones!!
  • Give a 5x7 First Vision PICTURE (15 cents at Deseret book!)
  • TREAT with a QUOTE:  Powerades, Spearimint Gum(find at dollar store), Sprite and York Mint candies

  • Give a CANDLE- representing the Light that Joseph saw exactly over his head, and also the light we feel as we too ask of God and receive light and revelation
  • Also...You can share your testimony, make cinnamon rolls (for the role Joseph Smith played in bringing about the sweet Retoration), listen to a FIRST VISION PODCAST together, copy Pres. the skies the limit!  Have fun:)

  • I Love Sister Nelson's book - so I am copying them a CHAPTER 8: Take a Question to General Conference - and giving my sisters this to read  with the ASK OF GOD QUOTE card!

Feb 18, 2020

Restoration Celebration Party .free games, printables, and lots of ideas

It's the Bicentennial Year of Joseph Smith's First Vision.
Celebrate by holding a Party for your family or friends!
I did it with my family and we had a really fun and memorable Celebration! 
I have put all the information below so you can have fun creating your own CELEBRATION!
I am so grateful for the First Vision and all that was restored from that starting point!
From President Nelson's challenge for us to prepare for next conference our family wanted to do something fun - and this is what we came up with.  
Enjoy this FREE printable :)

These are free designs I created with CANVA you are welcome to use - for handouts, bookmarks, pass along cards, quote cards, etc.

Jan 18, 2020

I Kneeled Down free doodle cards

free printable doodle cards - 
great for coloring or 
printing on vellum and gluing into the margins in your scriptures 
Joseph Smith History 1:15
 "Immerse yourself in the glorious light of the Restoration" Pres. R. Nelson
I kneeled down by Valerie on Scribd

Oct 31, 2019

2020 Celebrates The First Vision

2020 is the 200th Anniversary of The First Vision!  
Take this opportunity to use your creativity in expressing your feelings and impressions about The First Vision 
- and then SHARE IT!

Aug 25, 2019

Pioneer Trek Game - Would You Rather Pioneer Style

This was a game we used for the Bus Ride to Trek.  As the youth entered the bus they were given a Question (printed on fun colored paper) and this helped to get the conversations going on the bus.

This would also be fun at any Pre - Pioneer Trek Activity!  

Pioneer TREK Booklet

We made 300 of these to pass out at our Kick Off - it was great with the calendar, challenges and even some journal pages for during trek.

We printed the Covers on a tan cardstock and they were staped together in the middle.  Our local copy store did a great job!