Jul 4, 2016

The SYMBOL of the FENCE - Studying General Conference

From April 2016 General Conference:  Elder N.L. Andersen

Print and color this general conference doodle 
as you and your family discuss how to apply this excellent talk.  
  • Reach out to the Youth
  • Think about the Youth!
  • Embrace the Youth


PUNDERDOME  - 3 stars
by By daughter-father duo Jo and Fred Firestone,  creators of Punderdome 3000

Have you heard of this fun new game?  I was itching to try it and share what I thought.
Can families even function if they don't play games?  My family loves to play games - so I was excited to try this new one called Punderdome.   

Cons:  This game says ages 12+.  I would say it is really a game for ages 16+.  Our family of 11, 13, 15, and 17 all played.  Right off it was too hard for the 11 year old.  My 13 and 15 year old teens didn't want to put in the effort - they just wanted to play and laugh and not think.  If you enjoy a relaxing game, with little thought or effort, but lots of fun and movement - this is not the game for you.  My husband loves a challenge - he loved it.  I wanted to play without thinking, and so I didn't like it so much.  Also - if you need a timer - put it in the game.

Pros:  If you love to think, figure, and be clever - this is definitely the game for you!  I would also suggest playing it with peers so that it plays out fair.  If you want to be witty and clever, enjoy a real challenge then Punderdome is for you.  I liked the variety as the game switches between trying to answer clever jokes and  then back to figuring out a groan worthy pun.  This is a great game with a fresh new challenge for gameaholics.
I was given a free game in exchange for an honest review.

May 26, 2016

Summer Bored Post

This summer instead of supplying an endless list of ideas that immediately get shot down, 
I found this brilliant idea here.  
Why not let them figure out what to do?   

I made this free printable to post on the wall so all I have to do is point to this printable when someone says, I'm Bored.:)

May 14, 2016

Brain Freeze Mini Journal

Looking for a Fun Summer Gift to give your kids or friends?  
Encourage summer writing in this yummy little journal!

5 Stars  - I really love it!

This Journal is as cool and refreshing as it looks.

I actually get brain freezes all the time, and had to try out this journal brain freeze.

It's cool mini size is a perfect  4 inches x 6 inches.  Plus a fat little 1 inch thick of paper.

What's your favorite icecream flavor?  I love how it's a Neapolitan ice cream flavor/look.
Inside the design is clever.  the top lines are chocolate color, the middle is a blank space of pure white, with the bottom third filled with lines that are pink in color.  Sometimes it's fun to draw a little and the white space in the middle encourages a little more fun than the average journal!

You will be drawn to this flat open set up.  No big bump in the middle!  Your writing is smooth and enjoyable.

I think this would be the funnest summer gift.  Whether you are going on a summer vacation and need a diary to take along, or have a summer birthday, this is a fantasticly cute gift that will be well used.
This journal was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

Dawn of Emberwilde

3 stars

 Isabel and her sister Lizzie have been handed a tuff lot in life.  Yet surprises keep popping up and disturbing their calm predictable lives.
This story had some great parts, great building of plot, characters, and the fun mystery of a dark woods with deep secrets.
I gave it only 3 stars for it took off a little slower than I would have preferred, and ended a tad to predictable for me.
The love story that was sweet and satisfying.  Also the author did throw in a couple curve balls that made the book better than the normal predictable 3.

Overall - yes, read it, enjoy it.
And I must add, great cover.  A lot of the regency covers are so cheezy I can't buy the book even if I do like it.  So well done!

I was given this book free in exchange for an honest review.

May 13, 2016

Scripture Journal Layouts

I have found that Scripture Study is a lot more meaningful to me if I can doodle my thoughts onto the page.  My memory is increased, and the scriptures I doodle about stay with me more so than if I simply wrote a paragraph about what I thought.  
Thus I created this layout page to help you get a jump start and inspire you as you fall in love with my favorite hobby - Scripture Journaling!