Monday, March 23

5 Stars

Ada's small world blows up as the war hits close to home.  This amazingly beautiful story was well worth reading.  I loved it up to the very last word.  Ada and her brother Jamie thought they understood how to live until a surprising chain of events throws them into an unknown world.  Have fun experiencing life with Ada.  This book contains adventure, discovery, and love.  I am so happy I own this one!

This is a perfect read and gift for any girl 12 years old and up.  Kimberly Bradley is a fantastic author.  You need to read her book "For Freedom" another great read.

Acing the ACT

5 stars -

This is an excellent book for your teenager!  Looking for a gift for a niece/nephew/grandchild or your own sweet kid?  Give them a little encouragement and a great tool.  My favorite thing about this ACT prep book is the size.  So many of the ACT study books look like a mountain of pain.  In fact they even weigh enough to give you pain.  This little paperback says, "You can read me in a weekend - easy".  Teenagers have so much on their plates that the ACT can be overwhelming.  I love that this small book is exactly that - small, concise and encouraging.  From the first page the author gives an upbeat intro that makes you think - I can do this - and I can do it well!:)    Organized into simple sections such as english, math, reading and science this book cover's it all - even the essay writing.  I think a great bonus this books offers is the chapter called M Card: what to memorize.  You mean I don't have to memorize everything?  This book ranks high for me - and my kids. The author knows her stuff, and she puts it in simple easy to read lingo.  Definitely a book worth owning.   
I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.

Friday, March 13

Wednesday, March 11

Easter Crafting - Hop to it!

Hands down these are adorable 
- great idea for little gifts you can give - your kids can give - spread the smiles!


Super cute Bunny Butt Cookies - what a fun idea to do with the kids! #PillsburyEaster

Don't these cookies just make you Smile? 

 I thought this would be a fun activity for the kids on Sunday - welcome in the cheer! :)

found on via pinterest

Movie Night

Let BBC take you to the Movies...

Own them, rent them, it really doesn't matter - just be sure to watch the BBC version of these movies!

*Sense & Sensibility


This version of Emma is my absolute F A V O R I T E

The Elizabeth Gaskell Collection (Wives and Daughters / Cranford / North and South)

*North & South

Have you seen the BBC Version of North and South?  THE BEST

*Wives and Daughters

(this one makes me chuckle - except when people die of course)

Pride and Prejudice (Restored Edition)

*Pride and Prejudice - this one is wonderful

The SECRET of Pembrooke Park

4 Stars - for a fun Historical Regency Romance

This is a great fun read to do the ol' "TAKE ME AWAY" magic:).  I think this is one of Julie Klassen's better books.  My favorite of hers has been The Silent Governess - but aside from that one I have felt her books are mediocre.   With this book she has once again hit the spot and written an engaging story.  

There is a dark secret at Pembrooke Park, and I am surprisingly really enjoying the mystery here. The characters keeping me guessing, thickening the plot and pulling me through the story.  

I must make a little complaint.  THE COVER.  Now no offence to the girl on the front, but I do NOT like the cover. The castle the huge blue girl is covering looks great - why not bring it up close and put her way to the back - with maybe the cloaked figure of a man on a horse off to the side in a darker corner?   THE COVER makes a huge difference if I want to own it or avoid it!   I wish publishers would do a better job(why can't they ask me first?).   :)