Sunday, November 22

Christmas Gift Idea

My Family History

Christmas Tree

Make this Christmas one your Family(dead and alive) will Never Forget!

 Use this free Printable to make Christmas more meaningful.

Sometimes a little activity is all we need to do the best of things :)  

Tuesday, November 3

A Refuge at Highland Hall

3.5 Stars
This was a great read.  I was afraid it would get long winded like so many novels in this genre do, but I was not disappointed.  At first I was surprised to find there were several story lines.  The author included more families and interwove quite a few characters into the plot.  I was a little worried since I do not like to bounce back and forth between stories, but found the author handled it so smoothly it did not bother me.  I liked her characters and the story material.  This story has a great mix of sweet love, war hardships, family, and struggle.
This story takes place in 1915 and war is descending upon London.  I think my favorite part of the story was that it included a little about the Germans who were put into internment camps during that time period.

 It is an enjoyable read for any afternoon.  I only gave it 3 stars for a lack of depth and attachment I felt toward the main 2 characters.  Their story never took hold of me and pulled me into every crevice.  Aside from that and the semi okay cover – it was a wonderful story that will bring a smile to anyone.  I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Sunday, October 25

Scripture Memorizing On Glass

Here is a fresh FUN way to help you with Memorizing Scriptures - write it on your Glass door!

Thanks to my Sister who Shared this fabulous idea
 easy as ...

1.  Buy some chalk markers 
2.  Pick your scripture -
3.  Find some Glass:)

Monday, October 5

Ponderize This

Don't Miss this Beautiful free Printable:

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Sunday, October 4

Save Money Each Week!

I Love this          idea!                                        Save $ Every Week!

After 52 weeks  you will have saved $1378.00

(click on the image above for a free printable)

It's Simple:
Week 1 - put $1.00  in your piggy bank
Week 2 - put $2.00 in your piggy bank
Week 3 - put $3.00 in your piggy bank
Week 14 - put $14.00 in your piggy bank
Week 15 - put $15.00 in your piggy bank
etc. etc.
Until the very last week - Week 52 - put $52.00

I think this is a great plan for helping to get me in the Savings Mind Set!
Here I go!  Want to join me? 

SAVE SOME MONEY EVERY WEEK!   ALSO = You can start at Week $52 if you want to see big results sooner:)

Print out your own chart for free!!
Grab a jar and let's start saving!

Saturday, October 3

Fabulous Fall Food

Finally the cold weather broke the hot bands of summer - and Fall has tumbled in:)  oh Happy Day!

Here is a fabulous soup from one of my favorite Food Blogs - MELS KITCHEN

White Bean Chicken Chili

Go explore her website - she even has a menu for the week!

Friday, September 25

Find Your Happy - in this chunky little Journal

5 Stars for 
instant HAPPY journal 
by Karen Salmansohn

I Love this cute little Journal!  For myself, and especially as a gift for friends.  It is small and chunky and full of happy colors - not only on the outside but all throughout the book.  The author did a fantastic job with her unique questions and great layout.  I think this Christmas I will give out these to my sisters and good friends with a good set of pens.:)

One reason I like it so much is that each page has color on it.  Not a boring blank journal but a fun enticing place to rest your mind and spill a little of it through your pen.  Also each page has a cute little quote/saying that gets you started.  For example, one page says "Here's Some Confetti - Celebrate all the little things that are going right".

Don't miss this cute little chunk of fun in about a 5" x 6" size!  Don't we all need a little bit more happy in this crazy busy world of ours?  Sometimes it really does take a minute to stop and think in order to realize that life is good - I can be happy!    
I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Friday, September 18

What Should I do When I See Pornography?

Don't miss this great video - 
a way to help your children understand what pornography is 
- and how to keep it out of their lives!