Wednesday, July 30

School Organizer

Need an easy way to store and organize your children's school pictures, class picture, awards, programs, special drawings etc.?  

I found this good idea and made up a few more options so look here  and here


Grab a large 3 ring binder, some cute Washi Tape for Tabbing each year, and lots of sheet protectors:) 

and print....

School Organizing Cover Page by Valerie

Tuesday, July 29

Bring on the FUN

AUGUST 2nd- National Ice-Cream Sandwich Day

LOOKING for a way to have a little fun?  
Break up the ol' routine?  


It's EASY, it's FUN- and your kids/teens/grandkids/hubby will love it!:) 

- it's a great website that simply is Foodimentary.
Go to the website for the entire year - listed by month, you can also click on each day for their great comments and ideas.


Friday, July 4

The Savior

This is a free printable compliments of my sister Roselyn Sant - THANKS:).  She took the pictures while at Glacier National Park.  They are just perfect for this great quote.
Before you print switch your paper size to 4 x 6 and they will fit perfect:).

Tuesday, June 24

Our Eternal Happiness

Free printable:).  If you put your printer paper size to 5 x 7 you can print two of these off onto one 5 x 7 photo paper - the gloss of photo paper looks so great!

Our Eternal Happiness

Saturday, June 14

Memorizing D&C 4

Use this FREE printout to help you memorize section 4 of the Doctrine and Covenants!
D&C 4

Thursday, May 29




Don't you just love it when you finally read a book that is above and beyond all the mediocre books you read?  
Well grab your seatbelt - this is one of those great reads.
Why do I love it?
  1. Great voice - I kept wanting to pick it up to hear the voice of the writer again
  2. Clever - ahhh, an author who actually expects us to be smart enough to get it:)  sure makes it fun
  3. Meaningful story - that means a story I learned from, a story that was great, a story that had me laughing and thinking
- one thing - I hate the cover, but I can live with that:)

Daisies are Forever

3 Stars   A great historical novel interwoven with a great story of love and sacrifice.

The first thing that caught my eye was the great cover.  I love the style of these books.  Next I loved the subject matter - WWII.  So many great books written in the setting of  WWII.  This story of Gisela and Mitch take you to a part of WWII not looked at.   Fleeing from the Soviet army Gisela and her group of friends and family cross a bitterly cold land to seek refuge in Berlin.  You will find adventure and love.  This is a story that takes place through a long journey with an army at their heels and the suspense keeps you moving.  Mitch and Gisela meet unexpectedly and through that meeting are bound together as they try to survive this great trek.  I gave it only 3 stars as I found my interest wandering towards the end and the impact at the end did not stay with me long.

I thought this book had a unique story to tell and the author picked a great hero and heroine.  
I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.