Feb 2, 2016

The FAMILY: A Proclamation WORKSHEET

This is intended as a study worksheet.  First review what you have memorized and fill in the blanks.  Then study the new paragraph to memorize.  Circle words, underline phrases, and generally just talk about what it means as you start to memorize the next paragraph.
free printable

Jan 28, 2016

4 Stars
This is Elizabeth Camden's newest book - and I loved it!  Great read - I think one of the reasons I love her books - besides a great story, is how naturally she goes into her historical fiction.  Each book she writes is rich in it's depth of a new topic that entwines the characters.  Don't miss this one!  I got it for Christmas and am so glad:).

Jan 24, 2016

Alma 36-42, Scripture Study Sheets

Keeping up with our Book of Mormon reading - here is the next free printable, Alma 36-42.  
These are working wonders at our house during family scripture time.  The kids quieter, gathered around the table, and engaged instead of lying on the floor moaning about scripture time.

Jan 20, 2016

Swig Cookies! YUM

My New Favorite!  
Try these - easy to make and sooooo yumm!

click on the picture to link to the blog post
The World's Best Sugar Cookie Recipe EVER!!

Memorization Cards: THE FAMILY: A Proclamation to the World

My Family is memorizing
We are working at it one paragraph at a time 
and have found it helpful to have these little cards 
to visualize and memorize the words and phrases.

free printable
Proclamation Memorization Cards by Valerie

Missing Words: A Proclamation to the FAMILY

This is to help you in Memorizing --

Print out each page (free printable)
Laminate it 
Punch a hole in each corner to put them on a ring
Use dry erase markers

Jan 13, 2016

Doing No Harm

5 Stars.  It was such a warm beautiful story, I read it and savored each chapter.  I thought - can she really keep this up?  The author did not disappoint.  Doublas Bowden is a retired Surgeon from the Royal Navy and is ready for a break.  Thus he heads off and finds himself visiting a small Scottish Village.  What he finds in Miss Olives Tea Room and amidst the driftwood surprises everyone. This Historical Fiction,  clean romance is an amazing story of how the goodness in ordinary people can go a long way.

This author has a wide variety - but from the books on her clean read list I have been impressed.  Be warned that not all her books are clean and good reads.  Here are 2 others I loved.

Jan 1, 2016

Whatever Is Lovely

5 Stars - Great adult coloring book with beautiful drawing and thoughts to ponder on!
This was a really pleasant surprise.  At first glance I loved the beautiful cover.   Sometimes I feel the Coloring Books you see all around at different stores are people who have gone a little overboard with the dash line.  I felt that this book was a perfect balance.  Beauty and message combined to give an artistic grace to every page.  
One thing I really like about this book is that every page has a scripture or quote or verse.  They are well done and fantastic thoughts and scriptures.  Not every thought is scripture and the author really did a great job of finding unique thoughts.  One of my favorites was a line from Corrie Ten Boom.  Thus as you are coloring you will find yourself thinking of those lovely, strong thoughts.  I have found this coloring book is a lot more than just coloring and to me - it's been the favorite of all my coloring books, and ones I have seen.
Now one thing to realize is that the coloring is on one page.  Thus there is no bleed through onto the next  coloring page.  Also I like the space for journaling thoughts and adding my own doodles if I want.  Finally one of my favorite parts about this coloring book is the variety.  I like how every page varies.  Some are great designs, some are scenes, but mostly I enjoy that some pages have really tiny detail and others are more loose and open.  This changes up the coloring and makes it a lot more fun in my opinion.  I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
This has also hit my list for great gifts to buy for birthdays this year:).

2015 Favorite Reads

My teenage daughter got me interested in this great read.  Don't miss it!  Did you know she is rated one of the top 12 children who changed our world?  True Story.  Current Event.

Fantasitc from the first page to the end.  Thick pages - full of visual examples, light on words, this is a fantastic look at how our boring note taking can turn.  I loved incorporating these ideas into my note-taking at church, my to-do lists and conferences I attend.  This was also big for my kids who are more doodle/visual learners.  I then got the Sketchnote Workbook too (so glad).  Both books are being well used!

Okay - this is a Regency Clean Romance.  I have to say the author created a unique story that was such a good read it turned into my favorite Regency read of the year:).  Oh, your going to enjoy this one!

There are books a plenty about WWII - but the night the Berlin Wall was put up?  Great read - don't miss this chance to let your brain think about a time like no other.  Adventure packed, this kept me on the edge of my seat, almost fell off a couple times:). YA

Okay - the world is going crazy with these fun new Adult coloring books.  Yet this is not a coloring book this book shows easy, clear examples of how you can doodle your own beauty!  I love the 2 alphabets that are demonstrated in this book.  Don't miss the dangles too.  Really - I've been packing this book around feeding off the inspiration since I got it. (thanks to my sister-in-law for showing it to me)

I love it when I am reading a book, find I can't stand a certain character, and then find things turning and twisting until in the end, I am cheering for that character.  This author turned away from mysteries and wrote a clean Regency Romance that was a hit!

Kimberly Bradly has written another YA hit.  I was so excited to drift into this WWII story.  You will not be disappointed.