Jan 1, 2011

Amigurumi Two! by Ana P. Rimoli

I am so excited to be reviewing this book for you!  I have seen many crochet books and this tops them all!  If you are looking for super cute toys/animals and clear/easy instructions you get it!  She has great photos, good quality details, and really great through and through! 

My favorites are her Koala, Bear and Bunny in Pj's (not pictured on the front)!  Also I took this book to my local copy store and had them put a spiral binding on it which makes it much easier to use!

For Christmas I crocheted each of my 5 kids a toy - and they LOVED LOVED LOVED it!  It was so fun!  They have all put in orders for their birthdays! 

Here are the ones I made the kids for Christmas:

               The first book this author made is now on my wish list! 

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My25Cents said...

Seriously, is there anything you DON'T do? I am continually amazed at what things you are able to accomplish.
Nice to know what's on the wish list of others. Keep creating my friend!