Jun 1, 2015

The Bracelet


Sorry - 2 Stars:(
In all honesty it really started out well, even through almost half the book. But then it started to really drag. I had no trouble putting it down and waiting a month to finish it. One of the biggest faults in the book was it's development of characters.  While I loved the heroin, the hero was nice.  While she was caught in an exciting mystery, the hero was nice.  The main hero seemed to never, ever develop!   Thus the entire time I wondered if the author was going to have him killed off since she was not building his character and endearing us to him.   I kept waiting for another male to slip into the story and become the wonderful hero we loved and cheered for.  But no, the Hero remained the same guy, he just never deepened beyond the nice guy next door sort of feeling.

The cover is well done, and it was an interesting story line.  The author had a good mystery that developed and added some interesting twists to it.  Who wouldn't love a secret doorway?  A mysterious gift with hidden messages, etc.?

Overall the simple fact that it was too wordy, slow and I felt no connection to some main characters gave this book only 2 stars.

I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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