Jun 6, 2015

Mosiah Family Scripture Study Sheets


Family Scripture Study 
at our house is going much better with these doodle sheets.  
Sitting at the table, coloring and writing while we read is making Scripture time more enjoyable for all of us.

After we finish a study sheet then I collect them and put names on the back.
After we read the entire Book of Mormon using study sheets - I am going bind each persons study sheets together and gift it back to them.  

Free Printable 
of MOSIAH chapters 1-5


Angie Center said...

This is such a wonderful idea! I really appreciate you sharing it! We have been in need of a better way to focus during scripture time. I plan on printing these out and using them this week. Thank you for sharing them. The only thing I have to share in return is a link to our family YouTube channel. Maybe you'll find something there that will be of interest to you. I've really appreciated your blog through the years. I look to you as my book review expert! :) Have a great day!


Our channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFU9RArFcplcX52KJTdL-gw

Valerie Lee said...

Hey thanks:) It is working well for our clan and hopefully yours will have fun too!