Sep 29, 2010

Potted Pin Cushion

This idea has been in my project bucket for a LONG time.  I had the hot glue gun out today and thought - it's now or never!  And I was quite pleased!  They are simple to make and perfect for a quick but useful gift!

First:  Machine quilt 2 pieces of fabric with batting inbetween
Second:  Purchase a pot (I bought mine at target in the dishes isle)

Third:  Cut quilted fabric a little larger than your pot (make sure the fabric can wrap up the sides of the pot when it is sitting on the fabric)

Fourth:  Tuck and pin 2 times on each side
Fifth:  Use your hot glue gun and take out one pin at a time and glue fabric to fabric - as if the pin were still in it

Sixth:  Stuff as firm as you can with Batting (I folded the bottom 4 corners together and glued them to help me keep more batting in)
Seven:  Hold the fabric and batting in your pot, then pull to one side and glue along the inside.  Hold while it cools, then pull the another side in while you glue and keep going till you are done!  :)

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