Mar 16, 2010


Jami Ford really did a great job with this story!   Immediately I was excited to read it as I love Seattle & historical fiction.  This is a wartime-era Chinese-Japanese story, yet written in the present - 1986.  The book has turned into one of my favorite reads.  I enjoyed how it showed the sweet between all the bitter.  What a great story of loyalty, love and the great american melting pot!  Henry, Keiko and Sheldon turn into real people as you read and hope for each of them!  An easy read, thoughtful, and to those leary of war stories, this story does have more sweet than bitter!  Defenitely a book that leaves you a little bit better-not bitter.

I give this 4 of 5 stars (5 are rare finds)
I recommend this to EVERYONE (especially those who have a soft spot for Seattle, Japanese, and Puyallup WA.)
Look no further for your next read!!  I suggest buying it!

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