Mar 9, 2010


OUCH! I stepped on the scale (although I didn't really need to do that- I already knew)and I'm over my median. Okay, so instead of jumping into a diet that makes me hate healthy food by the time I suffer through it, I am just going to realign, and put myself back on course.

Thus the 10 DAY CHALLENGE - 10 Days of NO SUGAR.

Now I am not a psycho who thinks I can actually do NO SUGAR completely. I simply mean no sugar as in no treats and sweets. For 10 days I will pretend there are no cookies, no candy, no desserts etc. 10 days, I can do that. It's not a month, it's not even 2 weeks. Just 10 days! Okay, the part that will make it work? REPORTING! Look below at 2 charts. The first is a page of snacks I do like, and so I will post this on my fridge as a reminder to me - and suggestions for my snack yearnings. 2nd is a 10 day check off chart! Okay, HERE I GO!!!!   10 Day sugar Pictures of Healthy Snacks.refrigerator Post


Anonymous said...

I need to do that too!

The Grantham Family said...

WOW! You are one fantastic, motivated, inspirational, knowledgable lady...

A friend of mine just forwarded me your preparedness info. This is my calling and I just cannot tell you how helpful it was! Before I go ahead and forward onto the members in our RS, I wanted to get your permission.

We are up in Boise, Idaho....neighboring states:) I LOVE your blog and wish you luck on the 10 days, no sugar!!!

You can email me @ if you have any helpful hints for preparedness. This is a new calling and I am just feeling a little ugh, overwhelmed. There is so much info out there, but it is SO important!!!