Aug 25, 2019

Pioneer Trek Trading Pins

Add a Fun element to your trek - Trading Pins!
We used 1" button pins for the youth to trade.  This was a fun tool to help them mingle more with the youth they knew and didn't know.  This provided an easy way to interact with those you didn't know.
Here is how it worked.
We had 3,500 pins printed - 30 unique designs
Goal:  each youth would go home with 15-20 pins
Each youth and adult received 10 pins in a design unique to their family the morning of trek.  They would pin one to their satchel and then the rest trade.
Certain events everyone received a pin (square dancing, trading post experience, book of mormon after a devotional, Mile 21.6 last morning of trek)

This was a big hit.  Most of the youth enjoyed this activity they carried it's own momentum all throughout trek.  And then was a fun memory keepsake to take home.

Satchels:  We had these donated/sewn by the women at church.  Each RS was responsible to sew 40 satchels so each youth and adult walking would receive one with their button pins.

Here were the designs, we used a company on Etsy who did a fantastic job!  I highly recommend:


Custom Buttons, Stickers,Magnets, Labels, Banners

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