Mar 2, 2016

7 Women and the Secret of Their Greatness

Five Stars      

What caught my eye was that several of the 7 women I had never heard of.  The author made a great selection.  My interest was piqued.  That he started with Joan of Arc was perfect.  A girl, age 14, did all that? 
Also in the introduction this phrase caught my eye, “When I consider the 7 women I chose, I see that most of them were great for reasons that derive precisely from their being women, not in spite of it; and what made them great has nothing to do with their being measured against or competing with men.  In other words, their accomplishments are not gender-neutral but are rooted in their singularity as women” . 

Finally one of my favorite things about this book is that I don’t have time to read a full biography on all of these women, but I do have time to delve into a short bio.  I was thoroughly pleased.  This is a captivating book.  Amazing lives of women who have been amazing with their circumstances and what life gave them.  The author has made a classic work that will be discussed in book groups throughout the years.  I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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