Sep 14, 2014

Get to Know PAUL

4 Stars - Great Middle Reader Book

These little chapter books are a brilliant idea for kids.  I really like the idea of bible biographies written with the intent to interest and teach children.  The book is beautifully done.  This book contains full color pages with glossy thick pages that feel slick and say high quality.  This is a series you will want for your home library.  I definitely felt like this series is a great overview for children and parents alike.
From the first chapter I liked it.  Clear, simple and easy to read.  I especially like how at the end of each chapter you get a short recap and outline of important events and people, basically a great little review.  After reading the story I feel like I understand Paul and his life a lot more.  This is such a unique way to learn about the important people in the bible.
Another loud applause for this book comes from the highlights which are boxes that highlight bible heroes.  Saying they are heroes makes you think a little more about the person and what makes a hero.   I felt I learned something – which is the whole point right?   I think it’s a great idea – get to know -  a bible character. 

I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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