Nov 11, 2013

7 General Conference FHEs in the Bag!

Here is a simple way to organize 7 weeks of FHE using General Conference Talks! 
The basic idea is to give each person in the family a "Kit" which has their own conference ensign, the assigned talk, a few suggestions to help "fun it up", and then a treat to eat as they prepare:).
Now to Assemble the FHE Kits:
(for a family of 7)
  • 7 General Conference Magazines
  • 7 Treats for the Preparer to enjoy while planning FHE
  • 7 talks you have pre picked
  • 7 plastic bags
  • 7 Papers to tell what talk to teach with -suggestion for activity or pictures for a story, etc - just an idea or two that helps "fun it up"

Free printable of my families first 7 lessons!:

General Conference FHE in the Bag!!

Everyone Gets to teach a Lesson - Spread them out on the Table and put everyone's name in a bowl. First name drawn out gets to choose which FHE Kit they want first.
Calendar it - Grab the calendar and write down who gives the lesson what week!
On the last week have 7 more kits assembled and ready to go!!!:)



Angie Center said...

Thanks for all you share on this blog. I'm a faithful reader who loves your book reviews! :)

Angie at

Angie Center said...

I love this idea. Thanks for all you share on your blog. I've been following you for a while now and know I can count on you for a good book review. :)

Angie in Ohio -

Penny said...

Hi I love this article can I please use it on our relief society blog we will of course refer you your site as source our blog is
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Valerie Lee said...

Penny - Yes you can use this article on your blog and any others you'd like! Happy Sharing:)