Oct 14, 2013

Born of Persuasion

I found this book Haunting, 2 stars
Julia is living in a Victorian society. Yet her story in this society is the underside. Most stories you read do not delve so much into the part of society that is so rich no rules rule. I was really torn on this book. Great beginning - mystery, love, adventure were all there. Yet, as I read the dark uncertainty she must have been feeling slowly pulled over my emotions. The writing is good at portraying feelings. I found this story dark, too seductive and haunting. I felt as though I was enshrouded in the mystery myself. As I read I wished for lighter carefree days.
 Most of this book had a somber mood of mystery that smothered everything at Mr. Macey's dark, cold Castle. Throughout the story little comments of foreshadowing are dropped so often I could almost grind my teeth in frustration. What was going on? I was baffled as I read. Seduction and mystery were overfilling and I wondered - do I want to read on? I was so frustrated with her, yet could understand her naivety and wanting to just be taken care of, she was young and being manipulated. If you are up for a Halloween read - perhaps this could be your book of choice.
I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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