Sep 23, 2013

Halloween Tuesday Treats

We all go to pinterest and pin an ton of CUTE ideas -
so here is a Spooky way to use them!
EVERY Tuesday throughout the month when the kids come home for an afterschool snack they will find a HALLOWEEN WOW  - instead of the normal snack.
Here are the 5 WOWs I picked from my pinterest list!:)
Click HERE  to see the Web page.  I think this would be easy to do with a permanent marker - I think I'll whip up a couple extra and give as gifts to a few friends while I'm at it! 
Love these spooky lil critters!  Click Here to see the web page.
Love these cupcakes!!!  Use the Free Printables and wala - it is a perfect Treat!  Click Here.
googly eye donuts
I am soooooooooooooooo excited to try these!  Yes I plan to make the google eyes the day before and then just buy donuts and frost them and google eye them myself.  Click here for all the directions!
Click HERE to see how to make these lunch sack bags (and I think they are big enough to hold a treat and some fruit!!!)

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