Mar 10, 2013

EASTER READING: Easter Challenge

How are you Preparing for Easter this year?

As Easter hops in I decided this month I want to read a book about the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  What better way could I catch the true feeling of Easter this year? 
I Challenge You to Join Me in reading, not only the Scriptures, but a book about the Atonement of Our Savior.
My Book? 
by Tad R. Callister
I bet at least 5 different people have told me I should read this and it has been on my "to read" list for quite a while.  So this is the Month I plan to seize the opportunity!:)  You can purchase the beautiful new Illustrated copy shown below or purchase the Non-illustrated version. 
What book did you pick? 
Please Let us Know in the Comments!

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