Feb 26, 2013

Drops of Gold

Have you seen Sarah's latest book?  First of all let me say that I just love the colors of this cover.  The words are embossed and it's just beautiful.  Just like the stories are!  4 Stars Easy!!
Marion is shouting into the wind as we enter this story.  She is seeking a position as a governess and holds her past close inorder to save herself.  Marion has such a cheerful personality I was immediately drawn to her and found myself smiling most the way through this golden tale.  If you enjoy a story with old castles and girls in dresses and men who are gentlemen - then you will really enjoy this author!  I have devorerd all of her books and have NOT been dissapointed.  Spunky-witty women whom adventure and a little bit of love seem to wrap around until a delightful story comes spinning out of the mix.

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