Sep 20, 2012

Cold Sore Remedy - that works!!!

An Answer to Cold Sores
(from one who gets them too often)

3 drops Coconut Oil
3 drops Eucalyptus Oil
3 drops Lavendar Oil
3 drops Tea Tree Oil

Mix in small container
Apply with a Q-tip and dab the sore on your lip as often as you want all day!

This works great to dry up your sore. 
Instead of it being tender and swelling it will dry up and not bother you!
It may take as long as some of the over the counter remedies such as "abreva"- to heal, but the healing is not painful and puffy with a loose film always forming and tearing!

You can Purchse ESSENTIAL OILS at a local Health Store - like Good Earth.  The Brand I bought is a great one - Aura Cacia.  There are other great brands - doterra, young living and more, just be sure of your brand before you buy. 

Oils can be costly - but weighing the cost verses the medicine and pain you must suffer- they are actually cheaper!  A little bottle goes a LONG way.

Store them in the dark - and they last indefenitely.

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