May 31, 2012

FREE On-Line Job Chart

How will you get the kids motivated this summer?

Try this FREE On-Line Job Chart to get your summer organized and moving!

This will be our second summer with
My children are done with stickers and love the on-line way of checking off their jobs!  You can personalize it with pictures - each child gets their own password, and it works for the little ones as well as my teens!

I can choose morning or afternoon jobs, let the computer do the tracking, add piano and reading, have certain jobs for certain days, and make it fit our family!

Rewards can be whatever you choose - simply use their amazon linked reward system or make up your own.  We always have ice-cream cones, movie tickets and fishing with Dad!

This website gets 5 stars for sure!

a big thanks to my sister-in-law chelsea for sharing this website with us last year

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Gregg Murset said...

Thanks for the post! There are now almost 150,000 kids using MJC!