Jan 22, 2012

Studying General Conference with your Family

Ever wonder how to get your family involved in the Conference Ensign?

Here are a few tips I use:
  • Everyone gets their own copy
  • Put everyones name on the front (I use stickers)
  • Put small stacks of post it notes on the front to be used to mark special pages
  • HIGHLIGHTERS - lots of fun colors - any age can now participate
  • We read & highlight 2 - 4 paragraphs from one talk, talk about it for a few minutes and are done
  • Sunday afternoon is a great time to do this!
  • Little treats can help the discussion when we review what we've read  (espcially gettting my teens involved)

    This Sunday we read Elder Eyring's talk - we talked about how it reminded us of the Liahona. 

Below is a print out for your family(or class) to put in their journals or scriptures.

Liahona.the Book of Mormon is the Best Guide.eyring


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You always have such fun ideas to involve the family in learning the gospel. Thanks so much!