Jan 24, 2012

Meatball Sandwiches

 I was at Costco today and saw their Kirkland brand Hogi Sandwhich Rolls and thought - they are such a good price, what can I make?  I've got Hamburger thawing ...

Super Easy and they turned out very yummy! 
I've typed up the recipe to add to my favorites so we can make these again and again and again...

 1 ½ lbs       Hamburger
2                 Eggs
¾ c.            Bread crumbs
1 ½ Tbsp.   minced Garlic
1 tsp.          Oregano
1 TBsp.       Italian Seasoning
¾ tsp.         Salt
¼ tsp.         Pepper
¼ c.            Milk
Dash or two of Balsamic Vinegar (opt.)
1.     Mix all together
2.     Use a tsp. and scoop out balls, place all over a cookie sheet lined with silpat/parchment paper/foil
3.     Bake meatballs in oven at 350 for 15-20 min.
4.     Place meatballs in a saucepan with 1 or more Jars Spaghetti Sauce – let warm
5.     Butter Hogi Bread and sprinkle with garlic salt
6.     Bake 5 min. (or longer) 350 and the last 30 seconds on broil
7.     Place meatballs with sauce on buns, top with cheese and enjoy!:)

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