Nov 8, 2011


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For all those who have dreamed of flying - this is your book! (and I will say no more, you must read it to understand!)

1952 sets the stage for this interesting adventure/mystery.  America, London, Russia, the stage keeps getting more and more interesting!  I must applaud the author - she actually wrote an amazing adventure story, and let the main characters have parents!(Imagine that, adventure and your not an orphan?)

Do you think this is all to my book review?  I've left some of the best for last --- the ART!!!  I loved how she tucked in a few illustrations, it had a little feel of Hugo Cabret, and added immensly to the feel and flow of a great story!
Allow for the Possibilities!:)

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Chelsea said...

Okay, added it to my list. I just finished "The Winter Sea" for book club and loved it. Highly recommend. Probably a 4.5