Jun 13, 2011

Genealogy - Keeping Track

One of the 1st steps of doing your Family History -
 is having a way to keep track of what you know, and what you are working on!

I have found this to be a simple yet very effective tool!

There several great programs that you can use, I am simply an advocate of this one since I am using it and find it so easy to use!
Some of my Favorite Features are:
  1. No more piles of papers, I can keep it all organized on my computer in one program!
  2. You can put all your rootsmagic on a small thumb drive and take it with you, use on any computer (it doesn't have to have roots magic on it to work) and then take it home and update it on your computer!  Thus you have a little portable family history!  And it is easy to do!
  3. Fee Webinars - online classes to teach you not only about how to use their program, but about lots of genealogy topics - free!
  4. Rootsmagic links easily with newfamilysearch.com
  5. Maps and pictures are easily used and help tell the whole story

Here is a sample of their basic flow chart:

Notice you can have a picture right on the page - I love that, it personalizes your research immediately!

I have found that finding my family was not as hard as I thought it would be! I simply need a computer and a little time each week (or month when things get crazy)! 

Our generation is "the" generation for genealogy as we have the world at our fingertips!  

One more thing I've learned - you don't have to become a professional to do genealogy.  With a little bit of basic learning anyone can discover their history and feel the joy of reconnecting with their roots! 

JUMP IN  - Tree hugging can be quiet addicting :)

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