Feb 20, 2011

Music for the Sabbath Morning

This morning as soon as I pulled my self out of bed I slipped this cd in.  I just love the feeling and spirit it gives me.  Immediately I am in the mood for a Sabbath Morning. 

It is a collection of beautiful songs arranged with the idea of preparing for the Sacrament.  My absolute favorite is the first - "Sabbath Morning".   One reason I enjoy this cd is the variety - how it can be solo or from the choir, or part of a choir.  The arrangements are all done by the Jenny Phillips Choir.  Some of the other songs are: Precious Savior, The Lord is my Shepherd, Jesus of Nazareth, I Need Thee Every Hour,  Sweet hour of Prayer, etc.

I highly recommend this cd to help set the tone for your Sabbath Morning! (although I cheat and play it Sabbath afternoon too)

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Bernard Dulam said...

can you share with me some mp3's of that cd? 'cause i know i like it and i don't have a credit card to buy it online. Please? I'm only 13 years old.,