Dec 15, 2010

Gift Ideas

What to get them?  3 Great Gift Ideas!

1.  Nativity - wouldn't you love a new nativity?   Have you seen the variety lately?  From ornaments to the 3 kings find metal, carved, quilted motifs and more!  Kids at college, married children, or special friends will enjoy this!  A fun idea is to give the person you choose one piece of a set each year till they have the complete set.

2.  Tickets - We see movies enough, give them tickets to a new experience!  In Utah we have the Hale Theatre, but almost anywhere you can find a great theatre,  musical performance etc. Discover what is coming in 2011 that would be a great activity for your family, relative, or close friend.  Give them something to look forward to!

3.  Kitchen Gadgets w/Favorite Family Recipe - this can be done up really cute and adds a personal touch with the recipe. 
Suggestions?  Silpats to line a cookies sheet with your favorite cookie/scone recipe,  Extra large or a mini muffin tin with your favorite muffin recipe or Salsa dipping cups with your Salsa recipe!

Browse your recipe book, then browse the kitchen gadget section and you can find a lot of fun things!  Bed Bath and Beyond is a great store to do this with. 

Now retype your recipe in a cute font (insert a picture of the recipe from google images) and print, then back with colored cardstock and tie it with a ribbon to their new gadget. 

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