Nov 11, 2010

HABIBI by Naomi Nye

Fourteen year old Liyana lives in St. Louis when her parents decide to move to Jerusalem. I really enjoyed this story. Written in modern day, it became a trip I could have taken, she was looking through American eyes at Jerusalem - my eyes.

So many books are about immigrants coming to America. How interesting to read the reverse. What really makes this book a good read is the writer. She has tons of great one liners all throughout the book! I love the voice of Liyana. It is humorous, entertaining and thoughtful. A really sweet story of Liyana's discovery of a world where people are dealing with ages of hurt, and what does an American girl do in a place like that?

I think of this book as hard tack, not a huge dessert you will devour in a a sitting, but more as a sweet morsel you will enjoy savoring for a little more time:).

4 Stars -
for Great Writing style, for good characters, for an interesting story line, and for being a delight

-Maybe I will start calling my boys Habibi and girls Habibti then when I'm yelling at them on the basketball court no one will know I'm saying 'GO DARLING':)

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