Nov 27, 2010

3 Really GOOD Young Adult Reads

I just finished Restoring Harmony.  I found it in the "New" section at the library.  I liked the sound of the story line - Molly lives in 2031, has to set off to help her grandparents in a collapsed world.  Can she muster the courage to do it?  Her courage, spunk and common farmer know how give her a great personality and develp into a really great read!

I have been waiting to read Mistwood since it was published.  I just didn't want to pay hardback price!  So the library FINALLY got it and I read it immediately!  Isabel is THE SHIFTER.  Centuries of protecting the crown, but why can't she remember and what happened to the last king?  I bet you can't guess the ending!

Diary Queen tells D.K.'s story.  She is great - you will fly through her story!  She works hard, loves to run, loves football - and crazy, but she even wants to play.  I love a book that makes you see how important it is to just be yourself. 

I give all 3 books 3 1/2 stars  - 
Who needs a TV with books like these?
( 3*= GOOD read, 4*=GREAT read, 5*= RARE treasure!)

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