Oct 23, 2010

Can the Job Charts - Use the Job Can!

I have found that each day my home has different needs.  The job chart will tell someone to clean the microwave which is spotless, while the kitchen floor screams for help!  THUS I have conquered this problem by canning the afterschool job chart and making a Job Can!  Before the kids come home I look around my house and say to myself, "What do I need done?"  then I put those jobs in the can of jobs to pick from!  The second can is where there completed job goes and all possible jobs wait.  It works great for me - I simply write what jobs I need done on the popcycle stick and the kids pick one of  the sticks in the can and I find I get the help I need!

Job Cans are simple to make! 
  • 2 mandarin orange Cans for my job cans
  • Popcycle Sticks
  • 4 pieces of coordinating scrapbook paper
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Dots
  • Paint 
Start by covering your can with paper - use the label as your pattern.
Watch the Tutorial HERE on making paper flowers (EASY) and quickly cut up 3!
Lay out your paint sticks on wax paper and paint the ends.
Once dry you can write jobs your kids can do on the bottom half of the popcycle stick with a sharpie.

Store all the jobs in the "DONE" can and each day add the jobs you want done to the "TODO" can!  :)    This can be a great way to "can" the old job chart and start fresh with something new!

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