Sep 13, 2010

Bathroom Cleaning Charts

Place a Bathroom Cleaning Chart on each Bathroom Door.  This makes it easy for the kids to know what they are to do each day!  Put the chart in a sheet protector and then tape it to the door!

Tips for Helping your Kids clean their own Bathrooms:

1- Keep a bucket of cleaning supplies in each bathroom
2 - Label each cleaner with what it cleans (windex - windows, comet - toilet & tub, spray lysol - counter & floor)
3 - Keep a second bucket with paper towels and cleaning rags stocked for them to use
4 - Clean with children 5 and under,
5- For children 5 and older demonstrate how to clean and then watch them the first few times
6 - I like to always say "You can play after your bedroom and bathroom job is done"  motivation makes cleaning happen:)

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