Aug 24, 2010

INCANTATION by Alice Hoffman

Easily this was a top read in my opinion!  Why?  Let me count the ways. 
  • First it was a short easy read.  I felt like I flowed through it.  I loved one of the first lines "I am someone I would have never imagined.  A secret.  A dream.  I am this, body and soul.  Burn me. Drown me.  Tell me lies.  I will still be who I am."  Hoffman does a great job writing beautifully, yet it is interesting and keeps flowing(meaning I didn't have to skim parts because it was too wordy) 
  • Second I really like the main character Estrella.  She was easy to follow and like.  The more you discovered about her family, the more you liked each person.   
  • Third, did you know anything about the Jews in Spain between the 1400s and 1800s?  I didn't!  I love coming away from a book with more understanding of the people around me.  Excellent Historical Fiction (it didn't read like history, it read like a novel)!
         Four Stars ****  (3 * =good, 4*= excellent, 5*=rare treasure)
              A Great book for a teenager or adult! 

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