Jun 14, 2010


In a life and death situation one man has to make a choice none of us ever want to.  

The amazing true story of how 2 men met unimaginable odds when disaster strikes.  Man or woman, you will really enjoy this read! I'd loan you my copy but I keep giving it away.
This is a great book to give as a gift! 
It is also a great read for book groups - easy to read, high adventure, and leaves you with lots to talk about!

Four 1/2 Stars **** 1/2 (3 * =good, 4*= excellent, 5*=rare treasure)

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Chelsea said...

Hey, I am excited to try this one! I have the Patience FHE printed and ready to go. Pretty sure I am in need of it as much or more than anyone! Are you going to be posting any of your great summer reading/points/activity stuff? We are using yours if summer ever starts over here!