May 10, 2010


The True Story of a French Spy!
Suzanne David loves to sing - she has an amazing voice for a 13 year old.  She wants to sing for the Opera.  Yet WWII breaks into her dreams.  Her home in France is occupied by Nazis.  COURAGE.  LOYALTY.  FAMILY.  These are the themes that make this such a great read.  The story takes off immediately and the further you move into the book, the further you sit on the edge of your seat.    Many WWII books are difficult to read, this book states the truth, but doesn't leave you heavy.  A quick read, amazing to think of her courage and it makes you think a lot about yours!

Four Stars **** (3 * =good, 4*= excellent, 5*=rare treasure)

Great story for young adult and adult 

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