Apr 5, 2010

Just Me and my Mom

After hearing lots of great talks this weekend at church on how important a mother's influence is, I am motivated to start integrating some better habits into my life.  First I pulled out this list.  My idea is to make sure each week I do a fun one-on-one time with each of my 5 kids.  I plan to use the list as a springboard to decide on a short activity we can do together - even if the other kids are home.  

With life being so full I find the one-on-one time easily drains to the bottom.  So I'm plugging up the leaks and scheduling in time.  Wed. &Thursdays are my days to have "Just Me and my Mom" times.  The point?  To have fun, learn more about my kids, and tighten the knot between us!

Just Me and My Mom

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