Apr 15, 2010

A Conspiracy of Kings

If you have not discovered this series, get ready for a good ride!  Each book in the series gets better and better!

Book #4 "A Conspiracy of Kings" just came out.  I finished it last night.  What did I think?  How would you describe a scrumptious dessert that you just gobbled up? 
Or I could compare it to a great horse ride.  One where you are riding hard, through an amazing mountain pass, holding tight to the reins and wondering where you will end up!  
Do I need to say more?  Go start the series, meet Gen, what a good job Megan Turner did when she developed him and all the character's in this Series!  Book #1 lays out this incredible story.  Book #2 SHOCKS you right from the start!  Book #3 keeps you guessing and Book #4 is so satisfyingly full!

Definitely a book to own and share!  I own all the books (okay, not book 4 because my books 1-3 are paperback and so I'll wait for the paperback of #4)
A great series for anyone with a little time for an Adventure!

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