Jan 22, 2010


What a wonderful book! You have to hold this book and see the pictures, which tell half the story, to experience a new way of reading chapter books!  This story holds a mystery with a thief, train station, cryptic drawings, clock maker, and MUCH more!

At first glance you might think it too thick and too long - BUT WAIT!  Half of the story is told by pictures(284)!  I loved reading about the character Hugo.  He's an ordinary kid that uses clever means to try and solve a puzzle.  The author & artist, Brian Selznick,  has done a superb job of mixing pictures and words!   A simple read, fun story with adventure, mystery, plus a great ending.  The story will pull you right through.  What surprised me was the book turned out to be historical fiction!  The author even provides websites to explore the true aspects of this story (I'll let you discover this on your own).  I learned quiet a bit and it was thoroughly fun!  Read it for fun, alone, and together!  A definite purchase and keep in the bookcase!  When I asked my 6yr.old what he thought he said it was an, "awesome story".

Four Stars **** (3 * =good, 4*= excellent, 5*=rare treasure)
Family read together
Great story for all ages
Great gift for 6-12 year olds

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Chelsea said...

is that four out of five or four out of four? Looks awesome, I already put it on hold at the library! Great tip, thanks! I love your blog!! It is almost like I live close so I use all your great ideas!! :)