Sep 29, 2009

5 Fall Family Fun Ideas

  1. Have a neighborhood Fall Party, rotate houses, each house has a 15 min. activity, snack or craft. This is simple to do as each mom has to come up with only one idea and only 20 min. of a houseful of happy neighborhood kids!
  2. Quick, before it's too late, take your family and drive around looking at the fall leaves changing colors! Take a blanket, snacks and a camera. Have a small picnic and take goofy outside pictures of the ones you love most in this world!
  3. Make a Thanksgiving Advent Calendar! Each day of November you can be thankful! For example, be thankful for your Grandparents- call and tell them, be thankful for your teacher - write her a note, be thankful for your dad - shine his shoes, be thankful for books - go to the library and check out a bunch, be thankful for fall -take a nature walk, be thankful for night - take a walk with flashlights, be thankful for ice cream- make some homemade, be thankful for beds - go make yours:). You can make a November calendar with fabrics or paper scrapbook style and each day of the month is a little pocket with a slip of paper in it telling you what to do!
  4. Fall Service: Rake your Neighbors Leaves! Go on a raking frenzy, take some black plastic bags and surprise your neighbor - or grandmother!! Or better yet, bake your neighbors apple and pumpkin pies !
  5. Make a Thankful Wall! Tape butcher paper on a large wall in your living room (or hallway). Then every day in November have all members of the family write or draw a picture of something they are thankful for! One rule - no items can be duplicated!

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Chelsea said...

Valerie! I am SOOOOOOO excited that you started a blog b/c you are the QUEEN of great ideas. My blog is more of a family journal, although since I have gotten into the hair thing, I have been occasionally doing hair stuff. I will be checking often, can't wait!