Aug 2, 2016

WOMEN IN SCIENCE - 50 Fearless Pioneers - Who Changed the World

5 *****  - best find of the year
Oh, I loved this book immediately.  Beautiful, interesting, and worthy of any bookcase or collection you own. 
50 Fearless Pioneers is a gift I will be giving my 17 year old daughter and myself.  This would make a beautiful gift for girls and women ages 12+.  Under 12 years might find it a bit difficult to understand and the font size is smaller.  This is not meant to be a picture book for little children, but an information book. 
 With that said, I think little girls would love looking at the full pages of eye catching art and their parents will love reading it to them!  

The art is truly what makes this such a treasured keepsake.  This little hardcover book is original, refreshing and clever, not to mention beautiful.  Each fearless pioneer woman has a two page spread.  One page of information written about her along with an entire page of captivating drawings that just pulls you in.  The writing is informative but not boring.  It's packed with great information that leaves you inspired to become a pioneer yourself!  I love the added fun little facts that surround the information pages with cute drawings to correspond.  
Also you will find a couple 2 page spreads with a time line and other great information that pull the entire book together in an easy to understand way.

I can’t say enough, buy the book, you will treasure it and want to share it!  I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Here are just a few of the many, many beautiful pages.

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