May 14, 2016

Dawn of Emberwilde

3 stars

 Isabel and her sister Lizzie have been handed a tuff lot in life.  Yet surprises keep popping up and disturbing their calm predictable lives.
This story had some great parts, great building of plot, characters, and the fun mystery of a dark woods with deep secrets.
I gave it only 3 stars for it took off a little slower than I would have preferred, and ended a tad to predictable for me.
The love story that was sweet and satisfying.  Also the author did throw in a couple curve balls that made the book better than the normal predictable 3.

Overall - yes, read it, enjoy it.
And I must add, great cover.  A lot of the regency covers are so cheezy I can't buy the book even if I do like it.  So well done!

I was given this book free in exchange for an honest review.

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