May 14, 2016

Brain Freeze Mini Journal

Looking for a Fun Summer Gift to give your kids or friends?  
Encourage summer writing in this yummy little journal!

5 Stars  - I really love it!

This Journal is as cool and refreshing as it looks.

I actually get brain freezes all the time, and had to try out this journal brain freeze.

It's cool mini size is a perfect  4 inches x 6 inches.  Plus a fat little 1 inch thick of paper.

What's your favorite icecream flavor?  I love how it's a Neapolitan ice cream flavor/look.
Inside the design is clever.  the top lines are chocolate color, the middle is a blank space of pure white, with the bottom third filled with lines that are pink in color.  Sometimes it's fun to draw a little and the white space in the middle encourages a little more fun than the average journal!

You will be drawn to this flat open set up.  No big bump in the middle!  Your writing is smooth and enjoyable.

I think this would be the funnest summer gift.  Whether you are going on a summer vacation and need a diary to take along, or have a summer birthday, this is a fantasticly cute gift that will be well used.
This journal was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

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