Apr 23, 2016

Help Refugees

How You Can Help Refugees in Utah.  
Here are some great things I have discovered in the last couple of weeks and I thought I would share:

If you are like me - I would love to help, but don't have a lot of cash.  

So when I found the website Utahrefugees.com  I was so happy to learn there is a lot you can do.  

Here are some of the ideas they had:

  • Gather & Donate Household Items (some used & some new)
  • Organize a team of 9 people - everyone donate $10 - and purchase a lifesaving carseat for refugees!
  • Make a kit - bedding, school, underclothing etc.

See the website:
http://utahrefugee.org/serve.html   -  under "Make a Contribution"  then click on "service projects"

(I found these ideas and lots more on their website and app)

Don't Miss the App:   
Serve Utah

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