Mar 24, 2016

Room for Hope

I really don’t know where to start with this review.  Did I like it?  Yes?  No?  Let me tell you what I liked.  Great premise for a story – what if your husband was married to another woman and they even had children, 2 homes, 2 wives, 2 sets of lives.  Good idea for a story.

 What I did not like was this.  First the switching of voices, too many people were telling the story.  You jump from 2 different men to the main character to even a boy’s voice.  It felt choppy and I didn’t know where to rest.  Second, and maybe most important, is that she ended up with the wrong guy!  I spent the entire book growing to love one man, who truly seemed the perfect fit for her, yet she ended up with the other guy.  What???  Third, and lastly, was the religion.  I love religion, and do not mind Christian fiction at all, but this book went really heavy into the conversion, and you will have to wade through it a couple times.  It could have been done much better by spending less time on how each character comes to Christ and more time on how each character adds to the story. 

Overall, I felt the story wasn’t written well, skipped around into too many heads, and had a disappointing ending.  I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest opinion.

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