Jan 1, 2016

Whatever Is Lovely

5 Stars - Great adult coloring book with beautiful drawing and thoughts to ponder on!
This was a really pleasant surprise.  At first glance I loved the beautiful cover.   Sometimes I feel the Coloring Books you see all around at different stores are people who have gone a little overboard with the dash line.  I felt that this book was a perfect balance.  Beauty and message combined to give an artistic grace to every page.  
One thing I really like about this book is that every page has a scripture or quote or verse.  They are well done and fantastic thoughts and scriptures.  Not every thought is scripture and the author really did a great job of finding unique thoughts.  One of my favorites was a line from Corrie Ten Boom.  Thus as you are coloring you will find yourself thinking of those lovely, strong thoughts.  I have found this coloring book is a lot more than just coloring and to me - it's been the favorite of all my coloring books, and ones I have seen.
Now one thing to realize is that the coloring is on one page.  Thus there is no bleed through onto the next  coloring page.  Also I like the space for journaling thoughts and adding my own doodles if I want.  Finally one of my favorite parts about this coloring book is the variety.  I like how every page varies.  Some are great designs, some are scenes, but mostly I enjoy that some pages have really tiny detail and others are more loose and open.  This changes up the coloring and makes it a lot more fun in my opinion.  I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
This has also hit my list for great gifts to buy for birthdays this year:).

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