Sep 2, 2015

FreeHand Figure Drawing for Illustrators


5 Stars - 
As you can probably tell - I am on a doodle/drawing kick.  Mostly I am trying to learn simple quick little ways to cutsie up what I'm taking notes on.  But I had to just try this new book.  It takes you one step farther than the typical stick figure.  If you've taken a drawing class you have bought a simple wooden man that you can pose - well this book takes that concept to the top.  I love the amazing action poses.  Author David Ross is really giving those of us who want to draw a figure moving - the best help there is.  

If you love to draw people and want to learn how to take it to a fun new level - get this book.  You can draw people in action poses - like sports - or super heroes flying and fighting - things you thought only the pros can do.  Well think again.  A great book to gift the aspiring artist in your life!

My favorite chapter is on drawing hands and feet.  The tips and tricks they present are excellent.  My hands and feet drawings have completely gone to a new level! 

My only warning is that if you are purchasing this book for a younger artist be aware that in chapter 9 when you study muscles there are 2 or 3 pages that include a sketched drawing of a naked woman.  I am cutting out those pages so everyone in my house can benefit from this fantastic drawing book.   
I was given this book free in exchange for an honest review.

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