May 30, 2015

INSPIRALIZED - Summer Cooking at it's Best

5 Stars!

Ready for Summer Cooking?  I love a new "TWIST" to get me excited in the Kitchen - and I have found this is my new favorite summer cookbook.  I am anxious for my Garden to Grow so I can continue to experiment with every recipe in this book.  I love how simple the recipes are yet they give everything a fresh twist that is healthy, but most of all, and most importantly, delicious!

This book is made for vegetables.  This book is made to make your vegetables a delight.  This book is made for summer loving cooks.

The author uses a tool that "spiralizes" all the veggies, which is a great idea.  I don't even have a spiralizer and I love this book - anyone can use their own knife, apple peeler corer, or any kitchen devise that will help you peel, cut or slice.

Unique recipes that are so delicious looking and tasting!  Which brings me to my final and favorite thing about this book - is the beautiful pictures.  Every recipe has a picture - who wants a cook book full of words?  What artist in the kitchen wants a recipe from a book that has no artistry involved?  Purchase and enjoy a pallet of surprises this summer:).
I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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