Apr 18, 2015

Digital Nature Photography

5 Stars

This Photography book is beautiful.  Do you want to learn how to take amazing pictures?  Do you want to look at amazing pictures?  Look no further:).  

This book is for all levels of experience.  The beginner can really get a great footing, while the advanced photographer can find amazing tips to fine tune their knowledge.  Easy to read and full of great ideas and advice I found this book a keeper.

The author's phrase, "we must become adept in dealing with both the aesthetics and the mechanics of photography"  really encapsulates the content of this book.  Half of the book helping the reader to better develop the mechanics of their camera.  While the other half guides the reader in how they think and look while they are taking pictures.  He talks about using your inner vision to catch the moment, as a poet or artist would do.  I love the tips I learned from this section.  

As a beginner I felt this book was a great ground base for me.  Yet I am impressed by the extent of knowledge and information contained.  It far exceeds my beginner level.  One of the main reasons I liked this book was that it was motivating.  Now I want to go and capture some nature;).

My only complaint with this book is the font size was a little smaller than I prefer.  Overall, an excellent resource for every person wanting to improve their game in the field of photography.
I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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