Apr 4, 2014

A Lady's Honor

2 stars

This story had a great start.  I love a fast paced heart pounding beginning.  When a stranger rescues Elizabeth all seems well until her brother confides to her a shocking truth about this man she thought she was safe with.  Mystery and danger speed through this story at an enjoyable pace.
Yet, as the main story develops I began to grow a little weary of Elizabeth.  She is spoiled and annoyed at all men for wanting her dowry, constantly sneaking off, and supposedly she’s so strong, but yet can’t muster a truth to her grandparents.  I felt her character was not consistent.  She lacked a true backbone one that is unyielding to truth and honor.  Then there is Rowan.  If he was truly a gentleman and loved her as he proclaimed then why does he constantly coax her to meet with him unchaperoned?  Do you really love someone if all you think is of their outward beauty before you care about their honor, their morals and the life they want?
I thought this story had real potential but the hero and heroine lacked too much to make me really enjoy this story and really root for them.  I thought the real hero was Elizabeth’s cousin.

This book was free in exchange for an honest review.

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