Mar 18, 2014

Chemo and Radiation Countdown

My friend has to go through a 30 day treatment of Chemo and radiation treatments.  I created this easy countdown for her and her family.

My favorite part is the envelope on the bottom where I put in 30 notes - one to read each day.  These notes were messages written by friends with a few quotes mixed in.

A quick stop at your local craft store (Hobby Lobby) and you will have all your supplies.  

I used a hot glue gun to attach the mini black paper clips and bought sticky numbers so it was easy to assemble. The backgrounds were just a set of scrapbook type supplies.  The metal background was so fun.  It's called "Decorative Metal Sheet" and there are a few different styles.  It measures 12"x24" it's an aluminum sheet with a clover leaf design.

For the envelope I simply folded a cute piece of 12x12 cardstock and stapled the sides with a hole punch in each corner to put the ribbon through.  The messages are written on little cute papers measuring 3"x4" with rounded corners.  There is even a punch for this card size if you want to really have fun:). I bought a set already punched on cardstock.

Each day as they flip over the number they will find a flower on the back.  These flowers were purchased in the sticker section - they are paper but have a tiny sticker on the back.  You could choose anything for the back - smiley faces, butterflies etc.

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