Dec 16, 2013


3 Stars out of 5
This story was simply fun to read.  One of those great pull you right in and you can just relax and let the story take you away.   The gorgeous cover is what drew me in first.  I liked having two really good friends enter into the story and I the author did a great job of letting each voice be heard.  This book holds onto the fun, and skips over anything deep.  I loved the beautiful land of Doon and the magical mystery it held, sweet characters and real dungeons and castles and royalty.

I think this story is perfect for a teenager.  Otherwise – well, let’s just say the term “hottie” seemed a bit out of place if you didn’t remember and keep remembering that the main characters are definitely teenage girls.  I wearied of hearing each of them describe how beautiful the other was and how ugly they thought they were. I felt it went too far to be humble and definitely sounded like compliment coaxing.  The slang throughout was definitely on the high school level, but hey, they are high school age after all. 

Thus  if you like definite teenage language,  magic, witches and switching between modern day and a mystical land of years long ago then this is the book for you.  
I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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