Nov 1, 2013


by Robin Lee Thatcher

3 stars
Diana has had a tough go with life.  8 years ago her husband took off - only to turn up dead.  I was interested in this story and wanted to find out what had happened and where she was headed to on that train on the cover picture.
I found this story  a fast enjoyable read. The author has done a great job with solid characters you like and cheer for.  I thought her style of writing flowed and would definitely read another of her books.
Why only 3 stars?
 I felt there were too many characters not given a real part - developed enough.  The story was like a meal with a lot of side dishes and too small of a main course to center it all.  The focus was on Tyson and his change – but what happened to make Jeremiah so completely changed, and what about Gloria?  Then Ned was brought into the story but not developed enough - he had a great fun entry but then it seemed he was set off to the side.  What am I getting at?  I liked the story, really took to the characters, but was not totally satisfied with how the author chose to wind up the tale.  My biggest beef was with a husband who thinks he can be unfaithful and then come home and all should be well cause he is home - thus I almost gave it 2 stars.
This was a free book in exchange for an honest review.

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